Banking Software Vendor

banking solutions company

StandFore FS is a new banking vendor software taking a revolutionary approach to customer care. Combining elements of digital banking solutions development from around the globe, Standfore is constantly adapting to the demands of a changing market. The software integrates multiple channels and applications for remote banking services into a singular solution for banking vendors. This all encompassing approach has led to the creation of an open-source software, capable of operating in conjunction with any external components or systems.

Should any vendor system modifications or improvements be required, StandFore FS completely enables this. Although company, will take on responsibility for the implementation of the software, further modifications by banking vendors and third parties are possible. The open structure of the software is designed for modifications. Banking vendors receive the software’s source code and the necessary development tools to alter the system to their specific needs. In addition to this, specialists have been trained to plan, develop, implement and manage any further system improvements which may be required. StandFore FS is open to integration with third-party software components, assuming that they have been developed to the same standards.

Having received the source code, banking vendors will be equipped to implement change. Common modifications to the StandFore FS software include the addition of business scenarios, alterations of presentation and connection to third-party systems, if you want to know more info about their’s products visit this site. This wide range of potential modifications means that banking vendors can do anything from implementing anti-fraud systems to editing application forms. The visual end of the software is completely manageable as well. Banking vendors can modify widgets, pages or graphs.

Banking vendors aren’t the only beneficiaries of StandFore FS, the software also allows business users to make their own changes and expedite the e-banking process. The market is constantly evolving, and the StandFore FS software adapts to this, allowing business users to manage static content, bank product, transaction scenarios, segmentation and targeting.

Deployment of the StandFore FS software for a banking vendor or business covers every possible angle. Business, functional and technical requirements are examined. UI/UX design is followed by deployment and customization of all core and additional StandFore FS software components. The software is integrated fully with internal banking vendor systems already present and existing data is migrated. Finally, the system will be tested and configured extensively, click here to see more information. Of course, full documentation, training and support will also be provided upon deployment.
The implementation of StandFore FS banking vendor software ideally follows a 4-6 month project plan and a free initial consultation can be obtained by filling out the contact form on the website.

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OrbitLift – Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce businesses are the next frontier when it comes to online money making ventures. This territory was once the preserve of a select few but the industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. As with any growing industry, there is a need for professionals to guide and hold your hand through the murky waters as you slowly learn the ropes and avoid or rectify mistakes. From this need emerged the trail blazing ecommerce solution provider, OrbitLift.
OrbitLift prides itself with having some of the most qualified and committed individuals on their team who have been at the fore front in leading over two hundred start up ecommerce businesses since inception in 2004. OrbitLift is responsible for far much more than the success of ecommerce startups but also for reviving ecommerce businesses that were on their death bed and improving profit margins of ecommerce businesses that were already doing well but stagnated at some point. They are in the business of improvement.
The list of expertise that OrbitLift possess is quite extensive . They focus on marketing strategies depending on the field of business the company may be in and figure out where you are going wrong or where you could do better. Revenue growth is what any profitable businessIs about and of it means there is something that you may be lacking. This is where OrbitLift steps in and given that their niche is around ecommerce, technology is what they do best and will introduce anything and everything necessary to help your ecommerce get that boost it needed, be it a better or better user interface design or turning potential customers into actual paying customers.
Revenue optimization is a basic need when it comes to ecommerce merchants and stores that use the online platform but many are the times that integral know how is lacking or an entrepreneur misses a step along the way due to current and developing trends in the ecommerce business. OrbitLift make it their business to know all the emerging trends and how to optimize them in order to get your business relevant and hold its own against the competition. OrbiLift is currently in the retail industry, automotive, fashion, market places and online grocery shopping industry.
Any ecommerce business seeking professional help or advice on marketing strategy, ecommerce strategy, experience design, conversion optimization and or technology consultation should seek the services of Orbitlift Ecommerce Solutions Company to get professional help or advice ad watch their ecommerce business bloom.
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Game Design Company

zGames: Game Design Company

zGames is a multi-platform game design company for imaginative and fun games for mobiles for all ages. Since 2008, the company creates cross-platform and native applications with a number of innovative and amazing features for mobiles. They deliver a number of games tiles, from casual games to augmented reality and educational apps for multinational companies of the world, such as Wargaming, Atari, Big Fish, TAITO and many more.
Design & Development Services
The mobile game developer provides a full cycle game design and special services – from initial concept to prototyping to various graphical designs, by using the most innovative tools in the market. In fact, they use the best tools of technology and game mechanics for coding, testing and optimizing their desings, in order to deliver the best and full-featured games. Moreover, they use more features for the development of the best games, such as augmented reality techniques, 3D, gesture control, as well as eye tracking for a number of modern devices, like tablets, smartphones, browsers, consoles and more.
Experienced Team
The professional team of the studio is dedicated and hard working and they try always to design and deliver the top mobile games for their clients. In fact, hey are committed in delivering the top high quality services and products in the market, accompanied with the most experienced guidance. Except from the amazing creations and architectural designs, the experienced and inspired team of zGames always keep a close watch to the new technological solutions. They love innovation and try to jump on various new software as well as hardware products in the market, by using the most reality physics, elasticity and gravity. More specifically, they use various special effects, as well as the best networking features. Apart from developing these amazing capabilities and features for games , they also guide their clients the best way possible and they are always willing to assist them every step of the way.
Mobile Games with the Most Advanced Technologies
They have many another service as creating scores for the mobile games, with various and interactive social features, as well as various educational and fun games. Moreover, the clients are free to discuss their ideas with the expert team and this way they can find all the solutions they are looking for! The company is always under continuous improvement and offers loads of custom ready-made game components, by utilizing the most advanced technologies in the market.They deliver the most amazing and imaginative games, by creating beautiful graphics, elaborate monetization mechanisms and ultimately cover the development side of a game implementation project. All the clients can also get a free quote and can start their game.
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Website translations

Alconost – professional translation

If you need to have quality and affordable translations for your website, then Alconost – Website translation is the best solution in the market. We can provide you fast translation by native speakers, who are more than willing and experienced to deliver the best content for you according to your preferences. We localize company websites and products in many languages and we can transform your websites into powerful tools, in order to be able to reach out to more customers all over the world.

Professional work

The experienced translators of Alconest are more than willing to deliver you the best content according to your preferences. They are native speakers, who work hard in order to get your work done within minutes, using innovative online tools. The team of translators can localize business card websites, online stores, landing pages or any other kind of website and can translate sites in various subjects, like finance, cars, manufacturing and many more. They focus on strategic planning, in order to be able to deliver the best relevant content to you. visit these website:

SEO strategy

After the translation process, your content needs to be SEO oriented for your target languages. So, it’s important to scale your SEO strategy as to make your website a more competitive one worldwide. This means that your website can rank in the first results on social platforms and more potential customers can reach you easily.
read about localization for ios: Localization


It’s important to develop a terminology glossary and style guide, in order to ensure consistent messaging. The translators of Alconest use special dictionaries with various terminologies, as to deliver you the exact content in various languages. For example, for large projects, the well experienced team of the company usually works with the already existing glossaries of Alconost. This way they can produce a consistent translation.

Editing & Proofreading

Alconost – Website translation offers you also the possibility of editing and proofreading your content before you upload it on your website. For example, the editors checks the articles for any kind of mistakes, such as spelling, punctuation or style of language and rewrite the articles in order to make them look more attractive.

Best Translation Solution & Cost

It’s a high quality website, that offers you the best business tailored solutions according to your needs and business goals. The cost of translation depends to a number of factors, such as the language pair your choose, as well as the amount of text and it is calculated on the basis of a rate per one thousand characters (spaces included). Keep in mind though that it can be a little more expensive than translating your content through an online cloud platform.


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Best Custom Software Development Company

Custom Software Development Company


Choosing the right service provider may not be as easy as you may casually think. Therefore, a lot of meticulous deliberation is required when looking for reliable software developers. Subsequently, this article highlights a few ideas to help you find dependable custom software experts in the crowded IT industry. Read on to discover the top 4 tips for choosing the best custom software development company.
Services from Qulix systems:

  1. Experience

First, it’s imperative to choose customer software developers who have successfully served a large number of satisfied clients in the past. Therefore, ask your prospective custom software developer to provide a list of the clients they have designed software for previously. Choose a painstakingly skilled company with unbeatable evidence of unrivalled service delivery and timely responsiveness. As a further precautionary step against being duped by unreliable companies out there, personally contact such past customers to prove that they were indeed helped by the agency in question.
Qulix skilled company. Visit this website:

  1. Internet-Based Search

Again, any seasoned custom software development company should have some credible online presence as an impregnable testament of their technological prowess. As such, your search for the most promising custom software development specialists is most likely going to be simplified to the hassle-free exercise of navigating from one site to another as you analyze the various packages offered by different technicians in the industry.

  1. Rave Reviews

By the same token, a great custom software development company ought to have a sizable chunk of positive client reviews. However, you should again be watchful enough so as not to be hoodwinked by some dishonest fraudsters who may fake client reviews with the intention of deceiving naïve folks looking for customer software services. To validate the genuineness of any past client feedback, just scrutinize the said comments to check for certain authenticity marks such as the image or the contact info of the individuals who wrote them. Never go by any review content that doesn’t have these verification clues as it’s bound to be sheer scam.

  1. Irreproachable Integrity

Finally, it’s up to you to select a thoroughly practiced software development agency that has established an unquestionable track record of honest service provision. For instance, you’re advised to avoid any dubious specialists who don’t have a fixed physical address as they’re likely to run away with your money shortly after receiving the milestone payments. Even with software experts who claim to have brick-and-mortar offices, it is still prudent to go an extra mile and prove that such offices indeed exist. This is due to the possible reason that some streetwise hucksters may cite non-existent address just to cunningly win your trust.

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Custom Software Development Company

Custom Software Development Company

Being an inevitable part of a serious business, custom software development is a narrow-focused subject that can be trusted to highly experienced companies only. HQSoftware meets these conditions perfectly since it has already created dozens of apps satisfying clients’ unique demands.

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What Do You Get When You Choose HQSoftware?

1. Wide Range of Applied Technologies
We use cutting-edge tools to develop state-of-the-art custom software intended for special purposes. On our clients’ requirements, we can integrate any plug-in or module into the app to boost its functionality. Our programmers have a perfect command of Java, PHP, NET, Node JS and other scripts that are widely demanded today.

2. Exceptional Functionality
We can provide our customers with 100% performance related the codes we compose. The apps we create are recognized as scalable, rapid, and easy-to-use software. The experience that gain users from operating with our products shows no failures or downtimes. Striving to remain the code as simple-structured as possible, we try to do our best to combine complex features that work flawlessly together.

3. Multiplatform Development
While most companies just focus on developing one type of apps, we work with both desktop and mobile software. Besides, our developers can easily build up cloud-based software as well as implement the 3rd party integrations or create a SaaS solution.

4. Affordable Prices
We give a proper weight of our clients’ budget limits and try to offer them favorable terms. Prices of our services are both affordable and fixed for both established enterprises and startups. This means that once paid you will get the service list discussed in advance.

As you see, the HQSoftware is a long-term player in the custom software development market. We create top-notch apps of any kind and complexity, web-based and desktop, compatible with all existing mobile platforms, as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and others. See more details about the way we create custom software by visiting this page of our website –
The recipe of our high-quality services is on our dedicated development team. Our staff’s hard work allowsHQSoftware be recognized as a result-driven company. Being equipped by brilliant education and a huge experience, our employees will cope with any daunting task.

The Benefits Offered by our Specialists:

• Vast Experience and Deep Knowledge
Our team includes professional developers who have built hundreds of applications in different spheres, as like e-commerce, healthcare, government, marketing, real estate, banking, media, e-learning, and more. You might even run a few on your own phone without realizing it! With such an experience, be sure we’ll do our job the proper way.

• Deadline Compliance

We take deadlines very seriously. Every stage of custom software development is implemented in the right timeframe, so we work strictly on schedule and submit all intermediate results to you for approval. You can be assured that your product will hit the market no later than you have planned.

• Faithful Customer Support Service and Software Maintenance
In case you have any issues, our experts will solve them on the first notice. Always glad to offer you assistance, our highly skilled support team will guide you through the entire troubleshooting process!

• Large Staff

Our company is able to provide you with any specialist you need – whether it be Java/.Net/PHP/Node.js Developers, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Graphic Designer, UI/UX Designer, Quality assurance specialist, or HTML/Front-end developer. No matter, since we can provide you with all of them!

In case you are interested in hiring highly experienced specialist for your project, feel free to visit this page – – all look through more detailed information about our dedicated development team. Contact us while getting down to a new project and check all benefits out for yourself!

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