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StandFore FS is a new banking vendor software taking a revolutionary approach to customer care. Combining elements of digital banking solutions development from around the globe, Standfore is constantly adapting to the demands of a changing market. The software integrates multiple channels and applications for remote banking services into a singular solution for banking vendors. This all encompassing approach has led to the creation of an open-source software, capable of operating in conjunction with any external components or systems.

Should any vendor system modifications or improvements be required, StandFore FS completely enables this. Although company, will take on responsibility for the implementation of the software, further modifications by banking vendors and third parties are possible. The open structure of the software is designed for modifications. Banking vendors receive the software’s source code and the necessary development tools to alter the system to their specific needs. In addition to this, specialists have been trained to plan, develop, implement and manage any further system improvements which may be required. StandFore FS is open to integration with third-party software components, assuming that they have been developed to the same standards.

Having received the source code, banking vendors will be equipped to implement change. Common modifications to the StandFore FS software include the addition of business scenarios, alterations of presentation and connection to third-party systems, if you want to know more info about their’s products visit this site. This wide range of potential modifications means that banking vendors can do anything from implementing anti-fraud systems to editing application forms. The visual end of the software is completely manageable as well. Banking vendors can modify widgets, pages or graphs.

Banking vendors aren’t the only beneficiaries of StandFore FS, the software also allows business users to make their own changes and expedite the e-banking process. The market is constantly evolving, and the StandFore FS software adapts to this, allowing business users to manage static content, bank product, transaction scenarios, segmentation and targeting.

Deployment of the StandFore FS software for a banking vendor or business covers every possible angle. Business, functional and technical requirements are examined. UI/UX design is followed by deployment and customization of all core and additional StandFore FS software components. The software is integrated fully with internal banking vendor systems already present and existing data is migrated. Finally, the system will be tested and configured extensively, click here to see more information. Of course, full documentation, training and support will also be provided upon deployment.
The implementation of StandFore FS banking vendor software ideally follows a 4-6 month project plan and a free initial consultation can be obtained by filling out the contact form on the website.

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