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zGames: Game Design Company

zGames is a multi-platform game design company for imaginative and fun games for mobiles for all ages. Since 2008, the company creates cross-platform and native applications with a number of innovative and amazing features for mobiles. They deliver a number of games tiles, from casual games to augmented reality and educational apps for multinational companies of the world, such as Wargaming, Atari, Big Fish, TAITO and many more.
Design & Development Services
The mobile game developer provides a full cycle game design and special services – from initial concept to prototyping to various graphical designs, by using the most innovative tools in the market. In fact, they use the best tools of technology and game mechanics for coding, testing and optimizing their desings, in order to deliver the best and full-featured games. Moreover, they use more features for the development of the best games, such as augmented reality techniques, 3D, gesture control, as well as eye tracking for a number of modern devices, like tablets, smartphones, browsers, consoles and more.
Experienced Team
The professional team of the studio is dedicated and hard working and they try always to design and deliver the top mobile games for their clients. In fact, hey are committed in delivering the top high quality services and products in the market, accompanied with the most experienced guidance. Except from the amazing creations and architectural designs, the experienced and inspired team of zGames always keep a close watch to the new technological solutions. They love innovation and try to jump on various new software as well as hardware products in the market, by using the most reality physics, elasticity and gravity. More specifically, they use various special effects, as well as the best networking features. Apart from developing these amazing capabilities and features for games , they also guide their clients the best way possible and they are always willing to assist them every step of the way.
Mobile Games with the Most Advanced Technologies
They have many another service as creating scores for the mobile games, with various and interactive social features, as well as various educational and fun games. Moreover, the clients are free to discuss their ideas with the expert team and this way they can find all the solutions they are looking for! The company is always under continuous improvement and offers loads of custom ready-made game components, by utilizing the most advanced technologies in the market.They deliver the most amazing and imaginative games, by creating beautiful graphics, elaborate monetization mechanisms and ultimately cover the development side of a game implementation project. All the clients can also get a free quote and can start their game.
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